Frequently Asked Questions


You can pay securely online via credit or debit card. If you come to a Bullimoto Store or book over the phone you can pay by credit card or cash. 

50cc Vespa

Min. 18 years, B/AM driving license, B (more than 1 year of experience)

125cc Vespa

Min. 18 years, A1/A or Min 21 years and 3 years of experience with B

300cc Vespa

Min. 18 years and A or A2 category driving license

*Note: If your driver license is not from a country of the European Economic Union or from a country without convenience agreement with Spain, you need to have an international driving permit (IDP). The valid documents are regulated by the law stated by the country where you are driving, not the document’s origin country.

You can ride all our scooters with two people. Your partner can also drive as long as he or she has the relevant license and complete a Rental Contract. We provide second driver insurance for a small additional fee

The rental includes 2 high class stylish helmets.

When you hire a Vespa from Bullimoto you are automatically covered under our insurance. This covers you for third party claims, and breakdown assistance. You can take out the optional BulliCare insurance for full liabiability with a maximum excess of 350 euros

Call the emergency services first and then call us as soon as you can. You will find Bullimoto contact details on the Contract. We also leave an Emergency Card in the scooter storage compartment which contains instructions. You are fully covered by our insurance for damages against third parties. For damages caused to, or theft of the scooter, the insurance reduces the amount to be paid for damages to a maximum excess of €1400. Bulicare Insurance reduces the maximum excess to €350

Yes, your scooter is supplied with a full tank of petrol. Please bring it back with the same for the next Bullimoto customer. If you would prefer us to fill it up there is a €20 charge.

Fines and tickets will be charged afterwards using the credit card details we hold. There will be an administration fee of €25 added

We hold a deposit of €350 to cover any damages to the scooter and things like traffic fines. This is processed as a preauthorization (block) on a credit card. If you are sensible and take care we normally don’t need to take anything. The maximum excess for damage to the Vespa is €1400.

By taking out our optional Bullicare Insurance the deposit can be paid with debit card or cash, and the maximum excess is reduced to €350.

Bullimoto prides itself on being professional, trustworthy and transparent. Therefore all possible penalty costs and Vespa repair costs are itemised and available if requested by a client. If you have any questions please email or call!

125cc Vespa : 20 years old having held your full car driving licence for a minimum of 3 years, or 18 years with a valid license for a 125cc motorcycle. 50cc Vespa : 18 years with a valid full car driving licence or licence for a 50cc motorcycle.

The Vespa Primavera 125, Primavera 50 and GTS300 are fully automatic “twist and go” style. The Vespa PX 125 which is a manual scooter.

Call the number given on the Rental Contract. All our scooters are covered with breakdown recovery.

No! There are no limits to your adventure.

All Bullimoto Vespa’s must remain on the island.

The automatic Vespas are simple to ride. If it is your first time then you can only take the 50cc model, riders with some experience will have no problem with the Primavera 125. Please be aware that Bullimoto reserves the right to stop the rental at any point if we have any safety concerns. Of course we want to do business and for you to have fun, however your safety and the safety of others is our priority.

We can deliver the Vespa anywhere on the island to your hotel or private house. We can also deliver to one location and collect from another. We are completely flexible and can normally accomodate any client requirements. You can also collect the Vespa from one Bullimoto Store and return it to another.